Commercial-Use Licenses

What defines “commercial use”?

“Commercial-Use” is defined simply as any use of the font that results in a personal, business, or corporate financial gain. This can include (but not necessarily be limited to) any of the following: branding, advertising, retail products, informational/promotional collateral, computer/phone apps, etc., that is made available in physical and/or digital form.

Any such use requires a Commercial-Use license be purchased for every seat* utilizing the font.

Standard Pricing and Allowances

A standard Commercial-Use license** for one of our fonts can start around $35USD per seat (with discounts available for bulk orders). This will cover all physical usages other than exclusive usage rights and retail products where the font comprises 30% or more of the final retail design.

If the intended use exceeds one or more of the stated exceptions above, then further correspondence and arrangements between the persons/business involved and Essqué Productions will be required.

In the case of contracted designers, it is suggested that the designer’s client(s) purchase at least one (1) Commercial-Use license for their records if usage is to exceed more than one project (your personal/business’ purchase of a commercial-use license can cover the initial project). If the commercial usage includes a client’s branding, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that one or more (1+) seat* licenses be purchased by the client so they may continue to use the font commercially beyond the services of the designer.

Digital Pricing and Allowances

Digital use of fonts must be in an integrated or graphical manner. Fonts cannot be distributed/sold in a stand-alone format. If fonts are used purely in a graphic format (like title screens or web graphic elements - not as part of text/interface), the Standard Pricing and Allowances can be followed. If the font visually comprises more than 30% of the final digital product display/interface content, then further correspondence and arrangements between the persons/companies involved and Essqué Productions will be required.

In the case of virtual world use (SecondLife®, IMVU, etc.) where the font is being used as a virtual goods “product/line label” that exchanges such goods for virtual currency (Linden, BitCoin, Credits, etc.): If the shop sales where the font is being used exceed $70USD in real-life currency, or you need to use more than 5 characters from the font for your label, you need to consider purchasing at least one (1) Commercial-Use license.

In the case of commercial electronic publications (ePub) (including, but not limited to PDF files, ebooks, edocs, Kindle, Nook, etc.), you must purchase Desktop licensing in order to program/design the app (see above guidelines). There is a per-app license required for each font in use.

In the case of mobile/computer apps (on any phone, tablet, or computerized device), you must purchase Desktop licensing in order to program/design the ePub (see above guidelines). Depending on how many publications you may wish to use this font in, you can purchase a per-publication license or an unlimited-use license for each font in use.

Webfont structure is still under development.

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*The term “seat” is defined as any digital console that can have the font installed as an option for use in creating commercial materials, including, but not limited to, those listed above.
**Can also be referred to as a Desktop license.

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